Cultural industry is an important driving force for the growth of the world economy today and an important foundation for a country's cultural competitiveness. Cultural industry is a highly permeable and correlated industry. In the new economic tide for a new era, promoting the integration and innovation of cultural industry and related industries will surely give new vitality to fine culture as well as promote the prosperity of the cultural industry in China.

Our US based program has been established for teaching Mandarin Chinese classical culture to adolescents and adults. We also operate recreational camps in the US and trips to China. Learn more here.


Sophisticated classical Chinese studies education system and one-stop training system

Our classical Chinese studies education services include curriculum education, lectures, international study tours, and cultural and art exchanges. We believe our education services cover all aspects of classical Chinese culture. We have planned to specially develop phase-linked courses and teaching methods that correspond to the different stages of classical Chinese studies. These phase-linked courses and teaching methods guarantee that students learn classical Chinese studies systematically and within a structured framework of education, which in turn encourages students to continue furthering their education by taking the advanced courses. The variety of services we provide, such as classes, public lectures, international study tours, cultural events and art exhibitions, will provide our students with a first-hand, hands-on integral learning experience.  

Scientific Theoretical System of Classical Studies Education

We have combined western psychology, neuroscience and Chinese classical studies to create a scientific theory of classical Chinese studies. Using the analogy of how a tree grows, we have taken classical studies as the soil, moral behavior as the root, thoughts as the stem, and the arts as the branches, emphasizing the idea of “infiltrating the soul and enlightening wisdom.” This idea is the basis of our approach. We aim to provide a systematic classical studies education process for our students of different ages. We have developed diversified services and products horizontally, these include lectures, classroom education, international study tour services and cultural and artistic events. All of our students can participate in these activities because vertically we have adopted the concept of multi-level and phased product development, so each product created horizontally is vertically adapted to cater to different needs according to different developmental stages.

Resources for Classical Studies Education

We plan to collaborate with well-known masters in the field of Chinese culture and art, and plan to establish solid cooperation relationships with some institutions of classical Chinese culture and art in China. Our team and contributors provide professional classical studies education, culture and art courses to numerous Chinese-Americans, scholars and people interested in Chinese culture in general. We plan and co-ordinate our resources, and the resources of our contributors, to offer a diverse and systematic array of services related to Chinese classical studies, to cover the demand of the American market.


GJ Culture will gradually expand its international study tour services, classical Chinese studies education services, seminars and cultural events and art fairs by integrating and managing the valuable resources we have accumulated in the field of Chinese classical studies, culture and art. Over the years we have gained knowledge, experience and expertise in the fields of Chinese and western culture and art. We anticipate that this knowledge will position us not only as an education service provider, but also as a platform for the exchange of culture and art between China and the U.S.

We intend to serve as a melting pot for the continuous amalgamation of Chinese and American cultures.