We want to share our passion and knowledge of Chinese traditional cultural studies with the world and aim to serve as a cultural and educational meeting point between China and the U.S. We have close cooperation educational experts and scholars of classical Chinese studies in place and our services will be fit for the US market. We will pursue our business purpose by providing education and training courses and lectures based on classical Chinese studies, organizing China-U.S. international study tour activities for participants of all ages, as well as organizing and promoting China-U.S. cultural events, art fairs, exhibitions, and other activities promoting Chinese culture.

Kuang Sanjun

Mr. Kuang Sanjun obtained Bachelor’s degree of Engineering from Hubei University of Technology. Previously, Mr. Kuang served as the Vice Manager of Shanaxi Silk Road Collection Exchange, Inc. and is currently acting as CEO and President of GJ Culture Group US, Inc.

Li Huawei

Mr. Li Huawei has been devoted to the research and study on cultural industry for a long time. Mr. Li has focused on the dissemination and expansion of cultural industry and has made great achievements since becoming a Director of GJ Culture Group US, Inc. He obtained bachelor’s degree of arts from School of History and Culture, Northeast Normal University.

Jonathan Ginsberg

Mr. Jonathan Ginsberg, COO of BEEC Inc, is currently Director of GJ Cultural Industry US, Inc. Mr. Ginsberg has extensive experience in international business and is leading the consultation of bringing Guojiang Cultural efforts to the US Market.

Hu Meisang

Ms. Meisang Hu has served as director of GJ Culture Group US, Inc. Ms. Hu is very experienced in classical Chinese culture business. She obtained bachelor’s degree of management from School of Business, AnHui University of Technology.

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