We aim to serve as cultural and educational meeting point between China and the U.S.

GJ Culture Group provides one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to learn and get close to classical Chinese culture and Mandarin by providing various services.

Read below to find the program that’s best for you!

International Study Tour Services

Our international study tour services mainly serve people in China and the U.S. who have an interest in Chinese classical culture and art. By participating in our study tours based on classical Chinese studies, people will be able to mingle and network, improve their level of classical Chinese culture, and experience life in China. The destinations in China will include ancient capitals such as Xi An, Beijing and Hangzhou. Classical Chinese education seminars and workshops will be provided during the course of the trip. Participants will be able to learn about Chinese history, culture, art and classical studies in an interactive, fun and hands-on way.

Lectures on Classical Studies

Our lectures on classical Chinese studies cover a complete set of unique cultural and academic systems. Scholars and experts will cover topics such as Confucianism of the Han Dynasty, Metaphysics of the Wei and Jin Dynasties, Neo-Confucianism of the Song and Ming Dynasties, Poetry of the Han Dynasty, Parallel prose of the Six Dynasties, Poetry of the Tang and Song Dynasties, Operas of the Yuan Dynasty, novels of the Ming and Qing Dynasty, etc. Our lectures help people learn the core values of Chinese culture.

Education and Training Courses

Our classical Chinese classes explore 5,000 years of Chinese history and tradition. Pursuing classical Chinese studies will help enrich people’s spiritual life. We offer a systematic concept of classical studies education and a professional approach to teaching. We intend to develop regularly beginner classical studies classes for young people, middle-level classes for classical Chinese culture enthusiasts, and premium classes for professionals and corporate executives.

Meditation Courses

Our meditation courses, through the enlightenment of meditation instructors, are aimed at achieving mental clarity, calmed emotions and awakening the healing power of awareness through channeling the body’s meridian energy. Meditation restores tranquility and awareness, opening up the treasures of wisdom.

Cultural Events and Art Exhibition Activities

We plan to host various exhibitions on the subject of Chinese culture and art, such as traditional paintings, craftsmanship, calligraphy, and ancient literature, starting in California. The exhibitions will be held in major art venues in San Francisco and the Bay Area, targeting the general public and Chinese culture and art enthusiasts. The events will be interactive and act as a form of cultural and business promotion for GJ Culture Group.